The Parramatta Accountants Discussion Group was formed in October 2010. Also known as PADG, the group meets on a monthly basis on the second Monday of each month. The PADG is a forum to discuss relevant and informative accounting issues on a monthly basis.

The group consists of a wide range of members including accountants, lawyers and financiers adding a broad professional foundation to the group’s membership and discussions.

The Parramatta Accountants Discussion Group (“PADG”) is a CPA Approved Group, you can earn CPD hours for participation. Please inform us if you are a CPA member.

Email us at or call  (02) 9893-9499 to find out more details.

October 2016
Date: Monday 10 October
Topic: Payroll Tax

September 2016
Date: Monday 12 September
Topic: Payroll Tax

August 2016
Date: Monday 8 August
Topic: Duties

July 2016
Date: Monday 11 July
Topic: Land Tax

May 2016
Date: Monday 9 May
Topic: Data-driven business decisions –  Assemble the right team, ask the right questions, and avoid the mistakes derail projects.

April 2016
Date: Monday 11 April
Topic: Productivity in workplace


March 2016
Date: Monday 14 March
Topic: Commercial Law

February 2016
Date: Monday 8 February
Topic: Estate planning, superannuation and taxation

December 2015
Date: Monday 14 December 2015
Topic: Christmas Meeting

November 2015
Date: Monday 9 November 2015
Topic: Payroll Tax Grouping Provisions and the Small Business Grant

October 2015
Date: Monday 12 October 2015
Topic: Current Duties Issues

August 2015
Date: Monday 10 August 2015
Topic: The ‘Tax’ Justice Game – Management of Tax Disputes

July 2015
Date: Monday 13 July 2015
Topic: Alternative Finance – non-bank funding options for small business

May 2015
Date: Monday 11th May
Topic: Payroll Tax and Contractor Payments – Who Is Taken To Be An Employer? Which Payments Are Liable and Which Are Not?

April 2015
Date: Monday 13th April
Topic: Land Tax Overview

March 2015
Date: Monday 9th March
Topic: Your Super- Maximising Opportunities Now to Secure Tomorrow

February 2015
Date: Monday 9th February
Topic: How to optimise your LinkedIn profile for business

December 2014
Date: Monday 8th December

November 2014
Date: Monday 10th November
Topic: The Final Accounting – Things You Should Know About The Taxation of Deceased Estates

October 2014
Date: Monday 13th October
Topic: Finance

September 2014
Date: Monday 8th September
Topic: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

August 2014
Date: Monday 11th August
Topic: It’s in the numbers

July 2014
Date: Monday 14th July
Topic: Moving from a disease of sameness to magnetically attracting new customers in the Professional Services Industry

June 2014
Date: Monday 16th June
Topic: Trust Tax issues & CGT small business concessions

May 2014
Date: Monday 12th May
Topic: ATO ups the ante

April 2014
Date: Monday 14th April
Topic:  The future of IT for professionals

March 2014
Date: Monday 10th March
Topic: The changing face of insurance

February 2014
Date: Monday 10th February
Topic: Debtor Finance

December 2013
Date: Monday 9th December

November 2013
Date: Monday 11th November
Topic: Export Grants – how the Government can subsidise your clients’ overseas marketing

October 2013
Date: Monday 14th October
Topic: How to avoid Bad Debts in the New Chaotic Economy

September 2013
Date: Monday 9th September
Topic: Building Great Rapport with Your Clients “How to Enter into Other People’s World”

August 2013
Date: Monday 12th August
Topic: A franchising update & AFSA – what’s new in franchising & business”.

July 2013
Date: Monday 8th July
Topic: EBIT, It Is Not The Bottom Line

June 2013
Date: Monday 17th June
Topic: Federal Budget and related changes

May 2013
Date: Monday 6th May
Topic: Anti-Avoidance Law Update- The Essentials

April 2013
Date: Monday 8th April
Topic: A sale is not a sale until it’s paid for.

March 2013
Date: Monday 11th March
Topic: SME cash flow solutions in 2013

February 2013
Date: Monday 11th February
Topic: SMSF- Estate planning & succession issues

December 2012
Date: Monday 12th December

November 2012
Date: Monday 12th November
Topic: Tax Disputes

October 2012
Date: Monday 8th October
Topic: Business Protection

September 2012
Date: Monday 10th September
Topic: The Practical Implications of the new PPS Legislation

August 2012
Date: Monday 13th August
Topic: Workers Compensation

July 2012
Date: Monday 9th July
Topic: Cost control and workflow improvement in your office

May 2012
Date: Monday 14th April
Topic: 10 things you can do to get more out of your relationship with your lawyer

April 2012
Date: Monday 16th April
Topic: Strategic Estate Planning

March 2012
Date: Monday 12th March
Topic: USA Investment

February 2012
Date: Monday 13th February
Topic: Audit Insurance

December 2011
Date: Monday 12th December

November 2011
Date: Monday 14th November
Topic: Growing value in your client’s business

October 2011
Date: Monday 10th October
Topic: Debtor finance

September 2011
Date: Monday 12th September
Topic: The ability to grow your accounting practice through new marketing methods

August 2011
Date: Monday 8th August
Topic: An Introduction to Franchising

July 2011
Date: Monday 11th July
Topic: Reactive skills for professional advisors following the actual breakdown of “family relationships”

May 2011
Date: Monday 9th May
Topic: Proactive skills for professional advisors in relation to the risks associated with the potential breakdowns of family relationships

April 2011
Date: Monday 11th April
Topic: Business re-engineering

March 2011
Date: Monday 14th March
Topic: The need to act without delay – Director Penalty Notices and Statutory Demands

February 2011
Date: Monday 14th February
Topic: Recent changes to the Bankruptcy Act and Regulations: Impact on Trustees and other Parties

November 2010
Date: Monday 8th November
Topic: An introduction to the Personal Properties Securities Act

October 2010
Date: Monday 11th October
Topic: Financial planning